Andrew Tate Jail Release: Arrested Millionaire Andrew Tate predicts his bail time and sends a Serious Warning, Check more on Andrew Tate Investigation

Andrew Tate Jail Release: 

Andrew Tate says women belong in the home, can’t drive, and are a man’s property.

Andrew Tate Jail Release:

He also thinks rape victims must “bear responsibility” for their attacks and dates women aged 18–19 because he can “make an imprint” on them, according to videos posted online.

In other clips, the British-American kickboxer – who poses with fast cars, guns and portrays himself as a cigar-smoking playboy – talks about hitting and choking women, trashing their belongings and stopping them from going out.

Andrew Tate Jail Release:

Combat Sports: Andrew Tate has been imprisoned for over two months. And since the court has extended the detention period three times and he must remain in custody until March 29th, the incarceration, which was originally scheduled to only last 30 days, will now last roughly 90 days. Tate’s Twitter account and his fan letters are currently the only means via which he’s able to interact with his followers.

The former kickboxer, in his latest letter, has issued a serious warning and predicted when he would be released on bail. Let’s look into Tate’s warning and prediction in more detail.

Andrew Tate Jail Release: The ex-kickboxer issued a warning and predicted when he would be freed from jail
The world’s most divisive person just wrote a letter to his followers in which he declared that he is prepared to go freed and that he will then expose everything. In his words, “For the last 3 years, The evil elites were talking about The Great Reset. They were right. It’s coming. But it will not work in their favor. The Great Reset begins the day I am released from jail.”

He added, “Every day I write lessons. Every day I further prepare for my release. Their lies cannot hold me forever. The day I am released, the universe will split in two.

If you knew what would happen to every student of The Real World as soon as I am released you would already be inside. I only warn you to hurry. Their lies are breaking. We launch very soon.”

“It’s bang out the machete, boom in her face and grip her by the neck. Shut up bitch,” he says in one video, acting out how he’d attack a woman if she accused him of cheating. In another, he describes throwing a woman’s things out of the window. In a third, he calls an ex-girlfriend who accused him of hitting her – an allegation he denies – a “dumb hoe”.

Tate’s views have been described as extreme misogyny by domestic abuse charities, capable of radicalising men and boys to commit harm offline.

But the 35-year-old is not a fringe personality lurking in an obscure corner of the dark web.

Instead, he is one of the most famous figures on TikTok, where videos of him have been watched 11.6 billion times.

Styled as a self-help guru, offering his mostly male fans a recipe for making money, pulling girls and “escaping the matrix”, Tate has gone in a matter of months from near obscurity to one of the most talked about people in the world. In July, there were more Google searches for his name than for Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian.


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